Virtual Box on Fedora 23 (RHEL 7) Error

16 Feb

I recently switched from RHEL 7 to Fedora 23. I then wanted to install an IE VM and realized that I had not yet installed Virtual Box. Doing so was the basic setup: visit the Virtual Box website and download the Fedora AMD64 version of Virtual Box. I then visited and downloaded the IE VM I wanted.

The issue started with being unable to start the IE VM. Virtual Box was reporting a kernel error and suggested I run the following command

$sudo /sbin/rcvboxdrv setup

However the return I received from that was:

Bad argument setup

The actual command that should’ve been run was:

$sudo /usr/lib/virtualbox/ setup

This command would run the setup, but would fail.

The ultimate problem was that I didn’t have certain packages installed along with the Virtual Box application. Here is the command to run for installed the necessary dependencies for VirtualBox to be able to correctly use dynamic kernels:

$sudo dnf install dkms kernel-headers kernel kernel-devel gcc

That should solve it for you.

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