Gun Control?

22 Jun

Original Poster: This guy makes a strong case for gun law reform in the US. Strong language alert, but if you can ignore that, it’s worth hearing his ripostes to ‘I need a gun for protection…to protect my family.’

Video: An Australian comic on what U.S. gun laws look like to the rest of the world – Washington Post Article

Me: I couldn’t disagree more. First of all, it’s a Stand-up comedy routine. Quite literally not to be taken seriously. Second of all, if they were intended to be legitimate points then he is grossly misinformed on nearly all them.

Gun Control Advocate: Seth, here’s the point: mentally ill people can get ahold of guns. Either burried in their dad’s closet, or collected at gun shows w/out proper checks. This country once, a LONG time ago, wrote into it’s second amendment Bill of Rghts addendum the right to bear arms BECAUSE it was THEN defending itself against an aggressor–those Brit soldiers from a country which NOW does NOT ALLOW its citizens (or constables) to arm themselves with guns. I once saw a guy’s “gun room”, literally, a whole bedroom with all kinds of guns, including some machine guns, displayed on the walls and guest bed…whew! a far cry from a mussel loader or today’s high powered repeating rifle for shooting during dear season. This country has a growing coilition of people who once let gun advocacy just “go on” because there were more important things to campaign against. Today, given the number of mass shootings in all kinds of places, we’re not just going to remain muffled. If those who advocate gun use because of an outdated 200 year-plus adendum to the constitution won’t govern themselves, those of us who no longer feel the current gun laws worthy of support…will.

Me: I sure hope you don’t feel the addenda for women’s suffrage and the abolition of slavery are “outdated”. Furthermore, drunk driving kills more people than mentally challenged people with firearms. We should pass an amendment to outlaw alcohol! Oh, wait. I know, we should make drinking and driving illegal! Oh, wait. I know, we should license people to operate cars — say only 16 and up — and additionally we should make the legal drinking age something high, like 21. There we go! Those regulations ought to stop people from doing bad things! I’m glad we had this chat and through governmental regulation of individuals, by removing their rights and liberties, have once and for all assured that nothing bad will ever happen to anyone ever again! You’re a world-changer!

Gun Control Advocate: Seth: [withholding comment to your ad hominem “shoot from the hip” ┬áresponse]… I can’t drive a gun.
My concern addresses a society that buys and sells weapons of horrendous destruction, as evidenced by the mass shootings that occur on a regular basis. (I won’t mention here the illegal selling of crateloads of arms to violent overseas terrorist groups, a growing concern of our State Dept.) Paul’s more recent posts (above) address other pro gun defenses.
Comparing percentages of human lives cannot begin to address the heartbreaking loss families face because of gun violence in today’s society. But it’s a start.

Me: You can’t literally drive a gun. Kudos on that insightful observation. While I think you believe that was a nail in the coffin of my argument unfortunately the analogy still stands.

You can operate a gun. You must be licensed to have a gun in public (concealed or open carry). You don’t need a license to have a gun on your private property. In some cases you can obtain a gun without license or test by buying from a private citizen. People use guns every day responsibly. Some people kill other people using a gun as the tool. Either by intention or by negligence.

Now, let’s replace the word gun with vehicle. You can operate a vehicle. You must be licensed to have a vehicle in public (registration and driver’s license). You don’t need a license to have a vehicle on your private property. In some cases you can obtain a vehicle without license or test by buying from a private citizen. People use vehicles every day responsibly. Some people kill other people using a vehicle as the tool. Either by intention or by negligence.

Not quite “ad hominem ‘shoot[ing] from the hip’ ” since the analogy is one by definition and serves to make a valid point devoid of prejudice. The previous comment was full of sarcasm, but not without intellect. Since you’ll likely dismiss this double-down on my analogy as more “shooting from the hip” let’s get some stats.

From 1965-2004 US fatalities by guns ~ 1,250,803.
From 1965-2004 US fatalities by vehicles ~ 1,841,687.
That’s 590,884 more fatalities by vehicles.

Regulation in vehicles has grown exponentially during those years. Especially compared to gun regulation. To what end?

Furthermore, my car can’t protect my family. It poses a danger in every way. Every time we get in it we are at risk. Nothing can change that.

In 2014, 184 children were killed by vehicles in non-traffic fatal incidents.
That means a car not involved in an accident. Just the car being the dangerous car. Power window strangulation for instance.

In 2013, 100 children were killed by unintentional gun shootings.
Cars are more dangerous to kids.

From 2006 to 2013, 146 people, not just children, died in mass shootings.
That’s 7 years and it is less than children killed in non-traffic car fatalities last year alone.

You’re focusing your energy in the wrong place to solve a non-problem. You can’t, nor can anyone for that matter, stop violence and death. Period.

Stop advocating taking my liberties away to make you feel as though you can. I own guns. They are NOT “weapons of horrendous destruction.” They are protection for my family. A much more effective one than any regulation you and your ilk can dream up. These guns pose less of a threat than my cars parked in my driveway. Regarding illegal gun trafficking: bring that up with this negligent President and his former Attorney General. They’ve added to the stats of American deaths by American guns. And yet you want to trust those people with decisions on how to deal with guns responsibly. That is simply ludicrous.

Gun Control Advocate: Yours: a brief glimpse of the interior psychology of one steeped in a gun totin, hip shootin’, wild west mythology–an idology that has been rejected in many modern countries.

Me: Wow! You nailed it. Read me like an open book! I love how, when faced with facts, you resort to criticizing my viewpoints and beliefs as barbaric and outdated. Much like our outdated Constitution and my Second Amendment rights. If only the day would come when you enlightened few can cast off us neanderthals. How long must you suffer those that absurdly believe our Founding Fathers actually were inspired and knew what they were doing? Poor you. <= Again, sarcasm. Not ad hominem. And For Fun

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  1. Seth- I love your perfected balance of intellectual sarcasm delivered with such confidence. If American valor ever does fade away, don’t let it be at the hands of these that have “ALL” the answers to our problems. Just a bit of my own sarcasm….

    • Thanks, Mick. It is often frustrating and I need to tone down the sarcasm if I intend to affect change. However, it was hard with this one. And you’re spot on about not letting intellectual/academics who think they know it all dictate to the rest of us how to conduct our lives.

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