SOLID Developers

27 Mar

As a Development Supervisor I have 1:1 sessions every other week with my team members.

In one of these sessions I mentioned that my desire was to develop and have SOLID Developers. My team member thought that I was using the old 70’s slang term for good or great. “Solid, my brotha!”

I explained it was an acronym for development principles to live by. I then realized I should document this for myself. Here we go:

(Wikipedia reference)

five basic principles of object-oriented programming and design. The principles, when applied together, intend to make it more likely that a programmer will create a system that is easy to maintain and extend over time.[3] The principles of SOLID are guidelines that can be applied while working on software to remove code smells by causing the programmer to refactor the software’s source code until it is both legible and extensible. It is part of an overall strategy of agile andadaptive programming.[3]

And now the “first five principles”:

S: Single Responsibility (ref)

O: Open/Closed (ref)

L: Liskov Substitution (ref)

I: Interface Segregation (ref)

D: Dependency Inversion (ref)

Note: I’ll embellish on these here eventually. In the meantime, use the ref links.

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