I Am the American Flag

16 Feb

My 11 year old daughter, Kiana, wrote this as one of her school assignments. Makes me proud!

I am the American Flag, the “Star-Spangled Banner.” I wave strong and boldly in the sky, telling enemies that America will never give up. The bombs are booming in the distance, for this is the War of 1812. Soldiers are struggling, but standing their ground. Dust, dirt, and ashes cover my fine sewn cloth. Soldiers,  who fight bravely in the distance, sacrifice for their freedom. Still, many of their deaths multiply little by little. Fearlessly, I stand strong inspiring others, my red and white stripes standing out for the British to see. On the battlefield, cannons load, guns fire, and people run. I am the bold and mighty American Flag, the “Star-spangled Banner.”

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