10 Jan

Tired of stealin’
And dealin’
And lyin’ and cheatin’
And feelin’
Like a criminal villian
As if I’ve squandered a billion
I know it’s time to get real
And I need a distillin’
From that crazy chemical
Color chameleon
Can you feel me?
Where I’m comin’ from
Where I stand
The streets are leakin’
With a bleakness
Open plans to overcome me
The strength inside me
But, we’re comin’ original
So don’t plaigarize we
Cause then you’ll be messin’
With heavenly copyright laws
But, you can still be saved
By Jesus Christ’s redemptive clause
So pause, Selah
And think about it
And when the funky beat hits
We’re comin’ back up out it
With a message
For all the world to hear
Perct love casts out ALL fear
That’s why we’re tryin’ and tryin’
To get you to understand
He’s got the whole world
In His hands!
In addition cause of this transition
Into a new condition
Been given a mission
Not to miss interpretation
Of His revelation
That this new creation
Is one
In a new generation
Come and get some
Is the proclamation
Of this Holy Nation
That all of God’s creation
Has been waitin

Where are the Sons and Daughters of God?
reply by large group/audience
We are the Sons and Daughters of God!

2nd verse as a prayer
Where are the Sons and Daughters of God?
My God, how long will we be deceived?
These are your Sons and Daughters
O God, open the eyes of our hearts so we can see.
We are Your Sons and Daughters, O God!

Be not conformed to this present world
But, be transformed by the renewing of your mind

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