Ballad to Eminem

10 Jan

NOTE: I wrote this way before I ever heard K’s rhyme to Eminem.

Marshall Mathers I thought if you heard it in your own voice
Your own syncopated rythm then you would have no choice
But to take a minute
And pull over your Rolls Royce
Or whatever you’re drivin’
To the side of the road
And listen to a story that
Has already been told
A million times
Through a million rhymes
And an untold number of
Divinely inspired lines
A story even yourself has half told
But you’ve only been seein’ half the page
So let me unfold
The release to your rage
The peace to your pain
The reason all of these things
Seem to make you insane
There’s even an answer
For Haley and Laney
You can choose to see it
Or turn off this song and just hate me
But either way the truth will be known
Until the day that you die
Christ will never leave you alone
Cause you’re his own
And only He alone
Can draw the direction
You need to go to get home

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